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Action Coordinator e Fight Choreographer

Born in Milano nel 1987.

NATIONAL REFERENT F.I.S.A.C for STAGE FIGHT he teach regulareli in Milan, at:

  • Centro Teatro Attivo di Milano

  • Binario7 di Monza

  • Teatri Possibili

  • Civica Accademia d’arte drammatica Nico Pepe di Udine

  • MAT in Svizzera

  • all’ Independent Drama di Londra

  • Las Vegas al CombatCon

  • New York City presso NYCSS.

Only FISAC recognized contact for Italy

for the discipline of stage combat, with the possibility of issuing certification and training for future certified teachers.




High Risk Fire Certificates

First aid

PLE, Module A., POI 3 cat., IRATA first Level and BLSD



National FISAC representative,

Professional Stuntman,

Federal Krav Maga Instructor for Ares Defense Evolution.


He has collaborated and collaborates with theater, television and film productions, with the utmost respect for safety standards, dedicating the utmost passion and professionalism. 


It offers its services to the major Italian and international production companies:

  • Work out

  • Preparation

  • Development and creation of stage fights and stunts, as well as supplying materials and safety equipment

  • Design and development of team scenes

  • Securing scenes with accident prevention and protection

  • Possibility to edit p.o.s. following RSPP of the company and promoting the activity of the DL, through p.c.s.


Iscriviti e partecipa al corso per diventare stuntman professionista!

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