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AIR COMBAT is a 2-day journey for all fans of:


Cinema, TV, Theater, Motion Capture, ACTION genre live events!

The course will focus on dominating the air with the Stunt and equipment

create breathtaking combat sequences!


Simone Belli offers a teaching method that focuses on safety and quality, with the support and methodological sharing of different realities such as:

  • F.I.S.A.C., DEL FUEGO ARTIST MANAGEMENT with Luca Confortini

  • INDEPENDENT DRAMA with Dan Styles and Ronin Traynor

  • NYCSS in the figure of JARED KIRBY



Together we set ourselves the important task of training, educating and training through a continuous "bagar" between discipline and fun, hard work and light smiles, very high security and low risk, excellent listening and few distractions, love for entertainment and hatred for the war, if not the one we create on stage!

In an inclusive, fun and innovative environment, we strive to inspire and enable people to reach high expectations and surpass their limits, in safety!



This seminar in particular is suitable for

artists / stunts / aerial performers / circus performers / acrobats / aerial work apes, who thanks to the division into groups can be put into different groups according to their skills.

So suitable for any degree of training, so if you want to learn new skills or clean up your old tricks in big company and at the same time expand your network of contacts, then this is the place to train.



is the course where you will learn to fight safely, approach the fly, try stunt jobs and get closer to the curious world of rigging and wirework, an important part in the Action movies sector.


Flying around like Peter Pan, throwing bad guys up or going up and down like ninjas from the walls.

It's hard to imagine an action movie without wirework!

Theory and safety Abseiling, as I discovered in my studies by the PPE to IRATA course and climb up the rope, on the rope!


  • Simple lifting with pulley-pulley systems (pulleys)

  • Working with counterweight systems

  • 2: 1 systems and sequences 3: 1 systems and 1: 1 sequences

  • Until the union with the ACROBATICA AEREA

  • Float "effortlessly" in the air gracefully, or at least learn to do it.

It takes training, strength and knowledge to achieve this!

  • Flying Harnesses

  • Flying Harnesses quick release

  • Aerial balance and technique

  • Deadman

  • Aerial fight sequences




This two-day course, divided into two groups of 10h each group (5h / day)

it is suitable for beginners, of any discipline or sport, to the fighters who try to improve themselves and try new adventures!

During this course we will make your fights take off!

We will cover: security, action, aerialflow, fighting and stunts and wirework.

Open to all levels of experience, we will adapt the training to your needs.

Ideal for actors, advanced combatant actors, stuntmen, dancers, gymnasts and circus performers.


Our team of international professors is composed by Simone Belli, with the supervision and creative composition of Luca Fachini for Tecnomagic SFX and under the supervision of the World Aerialwork Champion Sheila Verdi!


We will start with the basic air movement and body control and from that moment on you can choose your training course based on your experience and interests for the next day.


The course can cover (but not limited to):


  • Basic security

  • Harness

  • Ascent-Descent

  • Balance and awareness

  • 360 static / controlled / Control / Pose / Performance rotations

  • Pirouette

  • Deathman (per Stuntmen)

  • Flight

  • Aerobatics - flips, somersaults

  • Continuous fluid movement

  • Action choreography



We are offering the students of this course the opportunity to receive high quality professional filming for their showreel.


You can choose a selected number of techniques learned on different systems and aerial platforms. With our instructors and your companions, you can also create and try choreographies around the techniques, if you wish.


During the second day of the course time will be assigned to resume each sequence from different angles, weather permitting.


Unmodified raw footage will be provided to you after the course to allow you to do what you want.

This is an on-demand service, in addition to the course price. If chosen at the time of registration, this service will have an additional cost of € 75.00. Increase to € 105.00 (and can be paid in cash on the day of the seminar) if you decide you want this service after sending your registration to the production company.

If you are interested in the intensive Scenario Combat with the F.I.S.A.C. NATIONAL CERTIFICATION look here:


The training will consist of a modular progressive preparatory phase, so that ANYONE can have his or her dose of training and improve without having to think about all the months, years of physical training not done!

For those who are trained, they will be able to test their strength by running the series at maximum difficulty, if they make it!

It will be a mixture of stage fighting for the MDP (camera) and for live shows.  




Air combat course: one or two days


Few places available!

Education is an invaluable asset, don't be a coward ...


Do you have further questions about the course?

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